Insights + Wisdom from 5 Years in Business

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Heal.Thy Money has hit a major milestone – it is our 5th Birthday!! I wanted to share some insights and wisdom I’ve gained from 5 years in business, and 5 years working with many heart-centred small businesses just like you. It is quite a substantial achievement to hit the 5 year milestone, when 50.8% of businesses in Australia do not … Read More

Radical Self-Responsibility + Requirements

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Your ability to receive sits within your heart chakra. Both receiving money and love are linked to your heart chakra and are so intertwined. Your lessons in love can be equally applied to money. When you are triggered in a love relationship, the tendency is to blame the other person and hang out in victim mentality. You can step out of feeling … Read More

13 Practical & Spiritual Steps to Feng Shui Your Money in Times of Uncertainty

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We are still in recovery mode from the fear-driven sh*t show that was covid, and are now being bombarded with more fear mongering in relation to inflation, rising prices of fuel, gas, electricity and interest rates.  When you hear these stories, do they make you contract? Do they make you feel fearful about an uncertain future? It is important to … Read More

Making sense of the COVID-19 Government Stimulus Packages

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I’ve been seeing a lot of confusion in the community and I’ve had many of you reach out with questions regarding what you might be entitled to in the Government stimulus packages. I wanted to help clear up some of the confusion.  I’ve segregated the Government stimulus packages available into various categories, to make it easier for you to make sense … Read More