Insights + Wisdom from 5 Years in Business

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Heal.Thy Money has hit a major milestone – it is our 5th Birthday!!

I wanted to share some insights and wisdom I’ve gained from 5 years in business, and 5 years working with many heart-centred small businesses just like you.

It is quite a substantial achievement to hit the 5 year milestone, when 50.8% of businesses in Australia do not survive past 3 years. The first 5 years are pivotal in business.

A Forbes study discovered that “a significant factor in the failure of new businesses is financial challenges.” Data shows that 38% of businesses fail due to running out of cash. And 42% of businesses that close within the first 5 years do so because there is not enough market demand.

“This points to the essential role of financial management in the survival and growth of startups and young companies.” It’s about managing your money effectively and “balancing the act of capturing market demand with maintaining robust financial health for long-term business sustainability.”

Another study on business financial security found that business owners that have been operating for at least 5 years are better able to pay themselves comfortably and are experiencing higher profit margins.

What these studies show is that it does take time to build the foundations for a successful business. In a sea of influencers spruiking 6 and 7 figure revenue numbers and collapsing timelines, it might not be sexy, and it might not sell, but realistically, it can take 3-5 years to build your business to a profitable position and pay yourself a comfortable wage.

It takes time to build an audience, to make consistent sales and to bring in enough income to cover your business and personal expenses. So if you’re in the early stages, that is, the first five years – and you’re gestating your divine vision, birthing your business into the world or in the process of building – you may be feeling like an imposter or that you’re not good enough at business – but please know that it is completely normal to not yet be making 6 or 7 figures.

Building a business around your soul purpose does add another complex layer – your business journey very much becomes a spiritual journey. As well as the practical considerations of marketing and financials, you are also in a complete metamorphosis – shedding layers and layers that no longer serve, so that you may be your most authentic and radiant self, fully visible and leading others. (Side note – this is the secret sauce that gives you the x-factor, magnetising your soul clients and sales, tapping into your million dollar timeline).

It is important to innerstand that it is 100% possible to make millions in business, build wealth AND be a good, spiritual person. You can have, be and hold both. And if that is your divine vision and highest timeline, holding this as inspiration for your growth and expansion, is absolutely in the realm of possibility.

But with something as controversial as money, there is some nuance to consider. We have all been drawn to the marketing spiels that use big money as a hook. But, just like climbing the corporate ladder – completely burnt out and discovering it was a trap, that happiness is not actually at the top – I’ve seen business owners fall for the exact same trap in entrepreneurship.

True abundance, the kind that encompasses joy, happiness, beauty and fulfilment, is generated from a deeply rooted system within your being, and does not necessarily require big money to manifest.

So I invite you to do some deep self-enquiry around this:

What do you notice is happening in your body and energy field when you are drawn to the big money hooks in marketing?

Is your energy field in a deep, resonate love frequency?

Or has a type of lust frequency been activated?

Are you seeking a quick fix and easy escape from the lack and scarcity loop?

Have you simply swapped climbing the corporate ladder for climbing the revenue ladder?

Is making millions what you really desire, or is it societal conditioning?

What is it that you are seeking from making millions of dollars?

Is it satisfaction, impact, legacy, happiness, joy, peace, freedom, love, abundance, to be a cycle breaker in your lineage or something else?

Are there other ways you could achieve these things?

Is the resource output required to service a million dollar business sustainable for you?

This could be your time, energy, money or managing a large team.

Is this the type of work and energy output you really want to be doing?

Why did you originally start your business?

Is your business delivering on these dreams?

If you ask soul, what do you want to create that is deep and authentically true for you?

There are no right and wrong answers to these questions. Each and every soul has it’s own unique expression. So the key is to answer these questions in a way that honours you. And then design and create your business in a way that honours your soul.

As a soulful entrepreneur, you have an opportunity to unhook your consciousness from the lust frequency and carve your own unique path to do business and life on your own terms. It really is about the journey and who you become along that journey. Why not design and create a life and business that provides you with a deep sense of fulfilment, happiness, spiritual growth and abundance, albeit without the lure of big money? A business that provides enough clients, revenue and profits to support the manifestation of your divine vision and highest timeline, crafted to align with soul (not the Jones’).

Consider the Tree of Life, a symbol of many things, including spiritual growth, prosperity and abundance. How strong and flourishing the tree becomes is solely dependent on the depth of its roots. Without this deeply rooted system, it would be out of balance, unable to sustain itself and end in its own Tower event, crashing to the ground.

How strong and flourishing your business becomes is solely dependent on the depth of its roots – both spiritual and practical. Without this depth, it can become out of balance, unsustainable, and end in its own Tower event.

Like the Zen proverb “chop wood, carry water”, the seeds of your divine vision need to be nurtured with small, daily actions that create both the practical and spiritual foundations for your business to grow, expand and be supported for a long and prosperous life.

This brings me to what I call the Heal.Thy Money Holy Grail™️ – where the depths of your spiritual journey igniting the radiance and power of your being, is united with the depths of a soul-crafted business and profits, creating true abundance, both within and without.

Heal.Thy Money’s business expansion and coaching services offer the practical support to help craft your unique version of the Heal.Thy Money Holy Grail™️ and build the depth into your financial foundations for a strong and flourishing business that stands the test of time.

Book a complimentary Money Health Check to begin your journey.

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