Hey lovely, I'm Angela Maree

I take the practical side of money and infuse it with a dose of spirituality, femininity, intuition, empathy, healing & alchemy


Hey lovely, I'm Angela Maree

I take the practical side of money and infuse it with a dose of spirituality, femininity, intuition, empathy, healing & alchemy


Hey lovely, I'm Angela Maree - founder of Heal.Thy Money and creator of the 12 Step Heal Thy Money Journey.

I'm a Chartered Accountant (25+ years!), Money Healer, Best-Selling Author, Investor, Pilates Instructor, Light Leader and lover of all things mind, body and soul.

I have worked as an accountant for companies of all shapes and sizes before launching my own business. I have a business degree and post-graduate accounting qualifications. I've invested in property, shares and crypto.

I've also been blessed to have experienced a spiritual journey with money and to see how your fears, traumas and beliefs can block the flow, no matter how hard you try and push.

Heal.Thy Money is an award-winning accounting business with a spiritual twist! A real infusion of the practical and spiritual aspects of money.


I began my soulpreneurial journey in 2015 after saying goodbye to the corporate world and seeking out my soul's purpose. The journey has been a winding one full of twists and turns - but most important, self-discovery, growth, finding self-worth and self-love.

Our journey's may be different, but we are both light leaders and conscious entrepreneurs, motivated to share our soul's purpose with the world, with a deep desire to help others by shining our light as brightly as we can.

You have wonderful gifts and talents to share, but like I did, you may not fully value yourself or these gifts and talents, believing you are not worthy of earning and charging for them. You feel like there is never enough and unconsciously reject money because you are not ready to receive and stand in your full power. It doesn't have to be this way.

It is my vision to create a ripple effect of love and light.

By enabling you to clear the blocks you have with money and creating a wildly abundant business, you will be able to smash through your own glass ceiling. I envisage you shining brightly, stepping into your full potential so that you can play a much bigger game and being in your highest service, sending love and light rippling even further across the world.

I imagine how wonderful a world would be where business is being driven by heart-centred beings with core values of trust, surrender, empathy, love, kindness, intuition, femininity, alignment and true abundance on all levels. I wholeheartedly believe that women will change the world with our innate feminine essence of love and light.

By following the guidance from the whispers of my soul, I have created my own way of serving others. And, funnily enough, it incorporates the accounting skills I studied so hard to gain. As it turns out, they were not the misdirection I'd once believed.

Heal.Thy Money was born as a vehicle for me to play my part in the global awakening,
to uplift humanity and bring more love consciousness into the world.

It is how I can bring my skills, knowledge and consciousness together.


In this video I talk with Ben from Australian Business about my vision for Heal.Thy Money.
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It is the end of 2010 and I have just started a new job working as an accountant in Sydney. I am back into the grind of the nine-to-five after travelling solo through Central and South America. I had spent six years living abroad and then eight months studying Spanish, dancing salsa with sexy Latinos, climbing volcanoes and having the most amazing adventure.

And now this is my reality—a little boxed cubicle in the centre of the floor, high-rise buildings flanking either side, allowing no natural light to find its way in. As I walked to my desk, I could feel my heart sink all the way to the floor. 

And so began my quest to achieve the successes dictated by society—the permanent job, the career progression climbing the corporate ladder with the illusion of a stable salary, the marriage, 2.5 kids and white picket fence. All things I believed that I should want. But the truth was, my soul felt completely trapped.

Seeing Transformation In Action in Bangladesh

Never one to shy away from an adventure, in 2012 I signed up to a Leadership and Immersion Program with a charity called The Hunger Project. There was a group of us who each raised $10,000 and then travelled to Bangladesh to see first-hand the impacts of the programs being implemented. The Hunger Project focused on empowering village women to step into leadership roles and believe they have the power to change their own situations. They inspire women with a vision of what could be, then establish a commitment to take the action steps needed to get themselves out of poverty. The results were incredibly inspiring.

One group of women we met had started growing fruits and vegetables to feed their families and then went to market and sold what was left over. They started to generate an income that soon surpassed the money their husbands were earning. The food grown by the women was enough to feed their families and the income generated enabled the children to go to school. The empathy and compassion inherent in the female collective meant that the whole community was positively impacted, shifting and mobilising everyone from a poverty mindset to an abundance mindset.

It was amazing to see how this shift could have such a massive impact on not only the women's own lives, but the whole village of people around them. It also taught me that you don’t need material items to feel abundant. To obtain an abundance mindset is simply a shift in perspective and consciousness.   

As we witnessed the impact of The Hunger Project on Bangladeshi women, we were undertaking our own personal development program. In a space where I felt completely safe and held by the women I was travelling with, I experienced what I can only describe as my first spiritual awakening. In an exercise called Being With, where we sat for ten minutes looking into the eyes of our peer, I broke down. All my raw emotion came boiling to the surface. It was a melting pot of emotions—grief, fear, sadness, relief—and out came a belief that had been hiding in the depths of my shadow, something that I had suppressed for a long time. I thought that because I was 33 and did not have the relationship, a baby and a lack of desire to climb the corporate ladder, that there must be something wrong with me. 

The Day I Felt My Soul Soar

The next day we continued with a group Being With exercise, in which one person stood at the front and looked into the eyes of each person in the group one by one. The energy that was circulating through that room was of such high vibration that I came away feeling like I had fallen in love with myself. My soul was soaring. For two weeks after returning home, I was on such a natural high and glowing from the inside out that my boss even commented that he noticed something different about me.

After some time passed and life started happening, I felt that high vibration settle and shift back to my old default. That was a pivotal moment for me. I was able to let go of the need to meet society’s expectations and begin a new quest—to figure out how I could maintain feeling that vibration of love in my day-to-day life, without needing a transformative experience to access it.  

Thus began a process of shedding everything that wasn’t me, of letting go of society's expectations and honouring what felt right for me. I began with my career. I had always wanted to be a pilates instructor but had put it on the back burner to focus on the career I had studied six years to achieve. I signed up for teacher training and absolutely loved it. Feeling completely inspired, I started teaching a few classes a week around my full-time job. Then it just so happened that the corporate project I was working on came to its natural end, so I was in a position where I needed to look for a new job. I had to make a choice. When meeting with recruiters and answering the standard questions about where I'd see myself in five years, I could sense the disconnect. Like an out-of-body experience, I heard my voice giving the answer they wanted to hear, but it was not coming from a place of integrity. I knew right then that I could not continue on this corporate path and be in alignment with my soul. It did not feel good at all. So, to honour the whispers of my soul, I made the decision to let go of the security of my full-time salary and venture down the unknown, winding path of my “soulpreneurial” journey.

The Bumpy Road to Balance

Like the famous quote from Martin Luther King, “You don’t have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step”, I took my first step and accepted a part-time accounting role so I could increase my teaching hours. After 15 months, the contract ended. With a hop, skip and a jump, I left the accounting world for good and moved full-time into teaching. I took a massive pay cut to do this, but I was driven by the satisfaction I found within teaching. I embraced the mindset that I did not need money to make me happy and that it was okay to accept less money for being of service to others. I was able to shift my spending to match my values and, because I was deriving much satisfaction from doing work that I loved, I did not need to spend as much money on going out, entertainment and travel.

If I’m really honest with myself, I did find this new life a struggle financially. It became stressful finding the balance between earning enough money to pay rent, bills and living costs, and teaching so many hours that I was burning myself out. This constant stress and worry created a heavy energy that pulled me down into a lower vibration of fear. My relationship with money was not healthy. I had moved from the illusion of a stable corporate salary that made me feel trapped at a soul level, to feeling in alignment with my soul but trapped financially. There had to be a better way.

Anyone who ventures down the path of personal development soon becomes aware that growth happens in layers. You tend to expect that because you cleared a major fear that it will be smooth sailing from there. A soulpreneurial journey is a bumpy road, one that continually runs into blocks and forces your fears out of the depths of your subconscious.

My next step was to attempt to get an online business in the pilates space off the ground. I was strongly aligned to my vision, but I was feeling blocked. I was procrastinating and not able to get myself to do the actions that would make me visible and bring money to my business. I enlisted the help of a business coach who inspired me to create a product and use Facebook marketing to sell it. So off I went on a productive couple of weeks, did the work to get it out there and…crickets. Nothing. Nobody bought it! I was not in flow with the Universe. 

I was able to acknowledge that something was at play here and I was going to do what it took to figure out what that was. I discovered all these fears and subconscious beliefs that I was holding onto. There was the fear of who I might become if I made money in my business, that having money would change who I was at my core, that it would make me materialistic, superficial and therefore unhappy. There was worrying that having money might mean I would lose friendships and relationships because of jealously, that my friends and family might not like me anymore, that I wouldn’t fit in—essentially a fear of rejection by my tribe. I discovered a deep feeling of lack, scarcity and unworthiness that I inherited from the feminine collective. We are taught that as women it is our role to be of service to our families, that we must put others first before our own desires and dreams. In doing this we end up sacrificing ourselves and our self-worth in the process, essentially handing our power away. I found I was keeping myself small, staying in my place where it was comfortable, so as to not outshine the people around me. Ultimately, I believed I was not worthy of my full potential.

At about that time, the Universe was about to throw me a curve ball in the form of a narcissistic abusive relationship—a traumatic experience that cracked me open right down to my core. I was like a deer in headlights, wide-eyed and blinking, wondering how on earth this had shown up in my reality. There had to be something major lurking in the depths of my subconscious to attract this into my life. I believe we are mirrors for each other, especially in intimate relationships. This particular mirror was holding up a flashing neon warning sign—one that I couldn’t ignore. This proved to be the moment that cracked me open wide enough that the Light could find its way in. It was the catalyst for some deep healing work and a deeper level of spiritual awakening.

Fortunately, I believe that our soul purpose is to grow and evolve. We choose our life, family, friends and experiences to help teach us the lessons we need to evolve our soul to the next level. Everyone is faced with challenges in their life and I believe they are all by design. They are designed to teach us how to choose love over fear in each moment. Each life experience is there to show us the road inwards, the way home to ourselves. I believe life happens for us, not to us. Each moment, each trigger, we have a choice. We can choose love over fear, choose the path of growth and evolution over victimhood.

Looking Inward for Strength

I followed the calling inwards and learned to connect with my Higher Power, with Source. Much like my experience in Bangladesh, sitting in meditation, exploring inwards and allowing myself to feel into the emotions, digging beneath the surface layer of emotion into the deeper fears I had been holding onto for a lifetime, enabled them to be released. And in that release, space was created that I filled up with love and light from Source. I connected with my inner child and held her, comforted her and gave her what she had been needing her whole life. I gave her the love, the security, the safety she has been calling out for since she entered this world.

This was such a transformative process for me. It really strengthened my spiritual connection, filled me up with love from Source, self-love and self-worth. By releasing the heaviness of the fear, grief and sadness that I had been carrying, I was now much lighter and brighter. My intuition and psychic abilities opened right up and my vibration had risen to much higher heights—a much stronger vibration of love and light.

I discovered that I held onto trauma, fears and beliefs that I had inherited through my ancestral line. There was fears of abandonment, betrayal, criticism and punishment—all fears that were realised through the narcissistic abusive experience. I was forced to face these fears head-on and in doing so, was able to de-threaten them. They no longer had a hold over me. Interestingly, I discovered that these fears are at the base of everything. I believe that any trigger or challenge that you experience, whether in relationships, health, business or money, if you dig under the surface, you will find one of these fears at its core. So, as a result of releasing my fear of abandonment, betrayal, criticism and punishment through the portal of the relationship breakdown, I found that the fears I had around earning money in my business also melted away.

By connecting with my Higher Power, with Source and my Higher Self on a daily basis through tools such as meditation, journaling, oracle cards and the Akashic records, I created space to hear what they had to say.

This connection also enables me to keep a high vibration of love on a daily basis. This had been my quest—to discover how to do this, and now I feel like I have found the holy grail.

Operating through Love, not Fear

When you operate at this higher vibration of love, it becomes easier to transmute any fear that comes up back to love. You connect with the same level of vibration that is in flow with the abundance of the Universe. The universal law of attraction is activated. You receive downloads of inspiration from your Higher Self as you step into a zone of creativity. It becomes easier to let go of trying to control the outcome of everything and you are able to surrender, trusting that you are supported by the Universe. You switch from a push energy to a receiving energy and in this space you are allowing yourself to receive, be provided for and be supported in ways that you could not even dream of. Opportunities find you without needing to seek them. The benefits are tenfold. Every area of your life is amplified. You become wealthy and abundant in health, in love, in relationships, in business, in money and in your spiritual connection.

With this higher vibration of love, I have smashed through my glass ceiling and am soaring high towards my full potential. I am in alignment with my soul purpose, taking guided and aligned action steps to doing work that lights me up and brings light to others. I’m building a life of financial freedom that is connected into the flow and abundance of the Universe.

My relationship with money has completely shifted. I now see money as an exchange in value. I see it as a spiritual tool, as an enabler. Money does not make you less spiritual or more spiritual. It doesn’t change who you are at your core. Money enables you to serve more people and be of your highest service. As a lightworker, it is your duty to share your light with the world and in order to do this you need to be financially secure.

The universal truth about money is that you have a divine birthright of infinite wealth and abundance on all levels.

Much like the empowered women of Bangladesh, shifting my mindset and consciousness and believing that I am worthy and deserving of my full potential and abundance, has not only had an impact on my life, but the whole village of people around me. My journey and all my life experiences have melded together to create a unique mix of wisdom and perspective that no other soul has. By following the guidance from the whispers of my soul, I have created my own way of serving others. And, funnily enough, it incorporates the accounting skills I studied so hard to gain. As it turns out, they were not the misdirection I'd once believed.

Today, I've learned that I can combine all of my skills with my compassion, intuition and soul purpose to help conscious entrepreneurs simplify and take control of their own money. I have taken the exact method I used to transform my money story and created a 12 Step Heal Thy Money Journey to help others overcome their money blocks and fears.

It is my vision to create a ripple effect of love and light. By enabling conscious entrepreneurs to smash through their own glass ceiling, shine brightly and step into their full potential, they can play a much bigger game and be of their highest service, sending love and light rippling even further across the world. I wholeheartedly believe that women will change the world with our innate feminine essence of love and light.

I encourage you to take a leap—the Universe will catch you.