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Shifting my mindset and consciousness, healing my underlying fears and trauma, and believing that I am worthy and deserving of my full potential and abundance, has not only had an impact on my life, but the whole village of people around me.

My healing journey and all my life experiences have melded together to create a unique mix of wisdom and perspective that no other soul has. By following the guidance from the whispers of my soul, I have created my own way of serving others.

I combine all of my skills with my compassion, intuition and soul purpose to help conscious entrepreneurs simplify and take control of their own money story.

I have taken the exact method I used to transform my money story and created the unique 12 Step Heal.Thy Money Journey and other programs to help you overcome your money blocks and heal your underlying fears and trauma.

Our Signature Programs


Heal.Thy Money Journey

A 12 week deeply transformational container that infuses the practical and spiritual aspects of money, taking you on a money healing journey towards freedom, flow and abundance on all levels.

For conscious entrepreneurs and lightworkers who want a soul-aligned business that financially supports them and their divine vision, without sacrificing their soul, feminine essence, health and values

Value Exchange: $1,111

Reclaim Your Financial Power

Get the foundations to heal, inspire and activate your inner power and get your financial house in order, ready for the coming year.

A sense of inner power and worthiness is the foundation to holding your needs and requirements with money as sacred and non-negotiable, allowing you to create the financial abundance that you know in your heart you are worthy of.

Value Exchange: $333

Feminine Codes for Productivity

Harness the power of your feminine cycle and redefine productivity as a conscious entrepreneur.

Learn to track your energy with your cycle and the moon cycle, understand your individual optimal times for productivity, creativity and rest, plan out your month to match your cycle and learn to embrace and work with the inherent magic and flow of the feminine.

Drop the push and hustle of our masculine culture and learn to disassociate your productivity as a measure of success.

Value Exchange: $333