Radical Self-Responsibility + Requirements

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Your ability to receive sits within your heart chakra. Both receiving money and love are linked to your heart chakra and are so intertwined. Your lessons in love can be equally applied to money.

When you are triggered in a love relationship, the tendency is to blame the other person and hang out in victim mentality.

You can step out of feeling like a victim by holding up a mirror to the behaviour that is triggering you, and look at your part to play in the dynamic. 

Often you are getting hurt because your needs are not getting met. 

But it is up to you to communicate those needs and take radical self-responsibility to ensure they are met. Your boundaries, standards and requirements set the scene for what behaviour and treatment you will and will not accept. 

If you were to take self-responsibility in upholding your requirements, you are standing in your power, not playing the role of victim.

Now if we were to overlay this concept in terms of money, when you are triggered by money, or by not having enough money, the tendency is to blame external circumstances, such as the rising cost of living or not enough sales. When you do this you are hanging out in victim (lack) mentality. And it is often the same trigger repeating itself over and over again.

You are feeling stressed, anxious and worried because your financial needs for safety and comfort are not being met.

If you were to step out of victimhood, stand in your power, hold up a mirror to look at your part to play in this dynamic and take radical self-responsibility to make sure your financial needs were met –

What would you be doing differently?

What actions would you be taking?

What requirements would you set for yourself to ensure your financial needs were met?

This can look different for each person. And it will depend on where you’re currently at. It could be:

༆ automating a direct deposit into your superannuation to take care of future you

༆ automating a transfer to a savings or investment account

༆ taking steps to pay down bad debt

༆ building up a buffer so you’re not always on the back foot

༆ learning how to invest in shares or crypto

༆ re-aligning your spending to match your values

༆ bringing awareness to your fears & subconscious beliefs and finding the courage to embark on a healing journey

It is your boundaries, standards and requirements that set the scene for what you will and will not accept, and what you allow into your energetic field.

For both love and money, we react and behave unconsciously.

But if we were to bring some awareness to ourselves and take radical self-responsibility to establish new habits and behaviours, we begin to step into our power and out of victimhood.

We have the power to set our own requirements and uphold these with the highest priority.

If you’re ready to take radical self-responsibility to ensure your financial needs and requirements are met, book a complimentary Money Health Check to find out how Heal.Thy Money can help you.

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