13 Practical & Spiritual Steps to Feng Shui Your Money in Times of Uncertainty

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We are still in recovery mode from the fear-driven sh*t show that was covid, and are now being bombarded with more fear mongering in relation to inflation, rising prices of fuel, gas, electricity and interest rates. 

When you hear these stories, do they make you contract? Do they make you feel fearful about an uncertain future?

It is important to be aware that our economy is in a state of inflation. There are some practical steps you can take to feng shui your money and close any money leaks. 

But it is imperative not to get caught up in the story of fear and lack that is being perpetrated in the media and society. When in a state of fear, your body is contracting, shutting down access to your intuitive and creative centre. And that is the one thing that you need to expand.

As an accountant that melds together the practical and spiritual aspects of money, I wanted to offer you some support to help you through this uncertainty and story of fear and lack. 

8 Practical Steps to Feng Shui your Money

Here are 8 practical steps to feng shui your money and take back some control on your spending. If you can make a habit out of these steps and follow them on a regular basis, you will keep any unnecessary money leaks from occurring. 

💸 Go through your bank and credit card statements and make a list of all the memberships and subscriptions you are currently paying including monthly and annual ones. Highlight any that you’re not using to their full capacity. Go ahead and downgrade or cancel them.

💸 Unsubscribe from emails that encourage you to spend, so that you’re not inviting temptation into your inbox on a daily basis.

💸 If you have a mortgage or any other loans, contact your lender to see if you can negotiate a better interest rate. Do some market research of other interest rates on offer, and if you can find a better deal, switch lenders.

💸 If you have credit card debt, contact your financial institution to see if you can negotiate a cheaper interest rate. Or transfer your balance to a 0% card, and make a plan to pay it off in the interest free period.

💸 For gas and electricity, use a market comparison tool in your state, such as the Victorian Energy Compare site, and search for cheaper energy rates. Switch energy suppliers.

💸 Review all your insurances, and use market comparison tools to see if you can find cheaper deals.

💸 Review all your mobile and internet plans, and use market comparison tools to see if you can find cheaper deals. Or if you’re not fully utilising your plan see if there is a downgrade option.

💸 Open a savings account called ‘Abundance’, or an investment account with an app such as Raiz. Automate transferring a % of your income to this account on a regular basis. You can start with a small % and increase it gradually over time. This will help you to build up some savings that will act as a buffer and help you to feel more abundant and expansive.

5 Spiritual Steps to Feng Shui your Money Story

💫 Close off your access to the media. Turn off your TV and unfollow any social media accounts that are perpetuating stories of fear and lack. They are hijacking your consciousness and keeping you stuck in fear, lack and scarcity. The less you’re exposed to them, the easier it will be to keep your energy clear.

💫 Reflect on your story of lack and scarcity. If you’re stuck in a lack and scarcity energy, your life’s experiences will reflect that back to you, and you will continue to find evidence to support this story. Bringing awareness to the lack and scarcity story replaying in your mind, is the first critical step to be able to shift that story and create lasting change.

💫 Create an ‘Abundance List’ and write down evidence of abundance in your life in all its various forms of health, love and wealth. Express gratitude with sincerity at the abundance you do already have in your life. When you tap into an abundant energy, your life will begin to reflect that back to you, and you will continue to find evidence to support this.

💫 Choose differently. Those who are choosing a wealth consciousness, are choosing to expand rather than contract, allowing themselves to receive more and giving themselves permission to bemore. Yes, the cost of living is increasing. but you trust that you’re able to expand and create more. You knowthat it’s possible to out-create inflation.

💫 Learn quantum healing tools that you can lean on in times of uncertainty, so that when you find yourself contracting and caught in a story of fear and lack, you know how to shift to an abundant energy and timeline.

Our signature program ‘Heal.Thy Money Journey’ teaches you how to do just that, giving you the practical and spiritual tools to feng shui your money story. 

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