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One of the biggest challenges I see conscious entrepreneurs face in their business, is pricing.

You are a naturally giving type person, and you do what you do from a place of service. 

There may even be an expectation from certain potential clients, that by nature of the work you do, it should be given away for free or discounted.

By pricing your services at the optimum level works wonders in multiple ways:

  • Your self worth is elevated, creating a higher vibration of love, win, win!
  • You price the discount seekers out of the market, eliminating their energy drain and creating space to attract your soul tribe, those in alignment with your message.
  • It becomes a gift to your client because a commitment is created. It’s a loving exchange, rather than a fearful one.

Money is an exchange in energy. Money is an exchange in value.

By putting a valued price tag on your services and products, creates a loving exchange, energetically.

It feels good to you AND it feels good to your client.

When you are feeling good, you shine brightly and your clients can feel that energy coming from you. Your client is blessed with a valuable service or product. And they are blessed with the creation of a commitment to show up for themselves.

If you under-value or give away your services and products, it can actually create a negative energy exchange.

You end up feeling resentful. You feel like you are working for nothing, or that your clients don’t value you. You end up struggling financially to make ends meet, which creates stress and anxiety.

Your client ends up feeling guilty as they have received something without giving anything in return. They miss out on that energy and value exchange. Think how you would feel if someone gave you a Christmas gift, but you hadn’t thought to get them anything.

Your client also doesn’t value the product or service as much. Think about all the ‘freebies’ you have downloaded over the years. How many of them have you actually completed?

This resentment, guilt, stress and anxiety carries a really heavy vibration, keeping you stuck at the fear, lack and scarcity end of the spectrum.

So, how do you know what the optimal price is?

There are both practical and spiritual considerations to consider when it comes to finding the optimal price for you and your business.

Practical Considerations

Costs + Inflation

You need to make sure your costs are being covered. And you need to be aware of the impacts of inflation to make sure your future costs will be covered. You should know what your break-even point is, that is, how much of your products and services you need to sell to generate enough income to cover your costs

Pay Yourself

You need money to survive, so your personal costs of living should be factored into the break-even point for your business

Revenue Goals

Knowing what your revenue goals are can help guide the structure of products and services you need to put in place to make hitting your revenue goals a realistic achievement


Knowing your marketplace by undertaking a competitor analysis and determining what your market position is, can be helpful to gauge what your customer is willing to pay

Profit Margins

Profit is queen and is the most important business success factor. Building a profit margin into your pricing will help make sure you actually make a profit.

Spiritual Considerations

The most important consideration of all is your intuition.

You intuitively know what the right pricing for your services and products is. You already have all the answers. You just need to tune in and listen to what your intuition and Higher Self are telling you.

Your pricing and what you charge will be a fluctuating thing. The pricing that feels good when you first start out, may lead to resentment as your business builds and grows.

The key is to charge what feels good to you.

This will create a loving energetic and value exchange, which is really what makes doing business a delight. You want to be feeling expansive, not contracted when exchanging with your clients.

Your first step is to connect in to your body and notice what comes up for you. You can do this in the process of setting your prices. You can also do this as you are working with clients in your business.

Note that expansion can sometimes feel a little uncomfortable, like nervousness. But when you check in and connect with your heart space, the underlying feeling will be one of love, knowing and alignment.

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