Healing is the Key that Unlocks True Abundance – Both Within, and Without

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Your outer world and reality is a reflection of your inner world. “As within, so without”.

To see true abundance in your outer world and reality, you first need to create abundance within your inner world.

If your reality is not where you want it to be, I invite you to see that as an invitation to take the healing journey inwards.

The experiences in my life where I journeyed into the depths of my inner world, into the dark embrace of the feminine, an act of total surrender and letting go, to allow the root of the matter to pull me downwards, were when something extraordinary happened. I discovered an incredible spaciousness and freedom, an ecstatic dimension of pure love. I was able to transcend the 3D world and enter the queendom of love. This healing journey of transcendence created abundance within my inner world.

And my outer world and reality soon followed.

💫 My soulmate made an entrance into my life

💫 I was intuitively guided to create Heal.Thy Money Co

💫 Heal.Thy Money grew rapidly to employ staff, hit long-held goals of replacing my corporate income and earning consistent 5-figure revenue months

💫 I became location independent which enables me to live with beauty, peace and simple pleasures in the country

💫 I became a fur-mama to Ollie the Dachshund

💫 I now zoom around the country roads in my dream car, a Mini Cooper S

💫 I was able to establish healthy boundaries with people who were draining my energy

We have been living in a masculine-driven world for centuries, where we are taught through religion and social conditioning to fear the feminine way. Christianity created fear of the journey inwards and into the depths with threats of “hell” and the “devil”. But the Truth is that there always needs to be a balance of the masculine and the feminine. Without the feminine, the masculine is left with fear, control and manipulation of the people. By interweaving and embracing the feminine way of trust, surrender, allowance and letting go, the fear of journeying inwards and into your own depths subsides, and you create space to allow magic and transcendence to happen.

I know that you are intelligent – and if you were able to use your intelligence to create abundance for yourself, you already would have found a way. I invite you to experience the dark embrace of the feminine and journey into the depths of your inner world.

Healing is the key that unlocks true abundance – both within, and without.

I invite you to embark on this healing journey together. First step is to download the FREE eBook ’12 Steps to Wealth and Abundance

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