Opening to Being in the Energy of Joy and Unconditional Love

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There were two things that I had on my vision board for many years – a Dachshund puppy and a Mini Cooper S, my dream car.

I have always been a very intellectual, practical and analytical person. To the point where I spent much of my life operating from my masculine energy. 

When I analysed the practicalities of actually buying a puppy or my dream car, I would stop myself, as there were always many practical reasons as to why that wasn’t a good idea. 

I would instead take in the opinions of others, (over) analyse my options and go for the sensible, practical option.

I was living in this energy of desire, and at the same time blocking myself from what I most desired. I was the creator of my own glass ceiling.

I was blocking myself from receiving.

I was blocking myself from joy (of driving a Mini).

I was blocking myself from unconditional love (of a puppy).

I was blocking myself from abundance. 

And if I looked around elsewhere in my life, there was evidence of blocking myself from receiving abundance in all its forms, whether that be a loving relationship, optimal health, money, clients or happiness. 

I was living a very sensible and practical life that lacked love and joy.

When I embarked on my healing journey and started shifting more into my feminine energy, I learned to get out of my analytical mind, to connect inwards with my body and trust my inner guidance.

It was a journey of letting go of always being in my masculine, and learning to trust, surrender and open myself to being in the vibration of joy, love, playfulness and abundance.

Being open to and allowing myself to receive. 

When I did this, and gave myself permission to get a dog and my dream car, the barriers I had conjured up in my mind,  simply vanished. They were made up constructs in my mind that did not actually exist. When I opened myself to the possibilities, the perfect opportunities flowed effortlessly.

And now I get to experience the joy and unconditional love that a puppy brings in moments all through my day. And I get to experience the joy of being behind the wheel of a really fun car to drive every time I’m on the road. 

My life is now filled with more joy and love.

All because I shifted from an energy of disallowing to one of allowing.

This is not a message to go out there and buy all the things without practical considerations. 

It’s about balancing the practical with the spiritual, the masculine with the feminine. 

It’s about recognising where you’re currently at, and if you’re stuck too far along one end of the spectrum.

If you’re in the energy of desire, but not allowing yourself to receive what it is that you’re desiring, you’re in a contracted state. You will never receive your desires in this state. 

If you’re in the energy of desire, and opening to possibilities, you’re in an expansive state. The Universe is able to work with this and bring you your desires. 

Self enquiry: Where in my life am I blocking myself from receiving my desires?

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