Financial Sovereignty & the Feminine

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We are a culmination of all the experiences of our ancestors, which have left a profound genetic imprint on our DNA.

Take a moment to ponder the experiences of your female ancestors in relation to money and freedom. Think about your mothers experiences, your grandmothers and then your great grandmother and the generations before her. The feminine has been persecuted for thousands of years.

The wounding of that persecution on the feminine in your ancestral lineage can be deep and profound.

There is a deep feeling of lack, scarcity and low self-worth that is inherent in the feminine psyche.

We are taught that as women, it is our role to be of service to the male and family. You sacrifice your SELF, and your SELF-worth in the process.

You can also hand your power away if you rely on the masculine (your partner or any aspects of the patriarchy such as a job or the government) for financial security.

You hit a glass ceiling of your own creation so as not to out-shine your partner, your parents or your ancestors. You stay in your place and remain small, where it is comfortable and safe.

Ultimately, you believe you are not worthy of your full potential.

By bringing awareness to your ancestral imprint on your psyche, you are taking the first critical step to healing and change.

With all the love and compassion in the world, no shame or judgement, bring these fears and beliefs from the depths of your shadows into your awareness, healing them and de-threatening them in the process.

Taking a healing journey with openness and commitment to heal may actually reprogram your genetic expression and awaken your feminine DNA.

What that means is your body, mind and soul open to receive the pure flow of life force, love, vitality, abundance and Source energy.

Financial sovereignty is your birth right and becomes your reality.

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