Breaking Your Heart To Honour Your Soul

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At the beginning of each new year, rather than resolutions, I find a word that embodies the energy that will inspire me and act as my lighthouse throughout the year.

This year that word for me was Inner Power.

And so 2022 has been a quest of reclaiming my inner power, honouring my soul and expressing my true self. This quest has called for vulnerability and courage to face fears and push through limiting beliefs and has looked like: 

⚭ Journeying through a year long initiation into the Magdalene Rose Priestess path and lineage

⚭ Embracing my power as a women by honouring my cyclical self and connecting with the power of the womb

⚭ Sharing my voice through my writing

⚭ Launching my 3 day challenge and online course, Heal.Thy Money Journey

⚭ Being my authentic, spiritual self in my business and winning an award for my unique approach infusing spirituality with money and accounting

⚭ Embodying my teachings and creating masculine systems and structure to bring my financial house into order (which I promise to share with you soon!)

⚭ Honouring my needs and requirements as sacred and worthy, learning to voice and express them and being prepared to walk away from people and situations that were not able to honour them

⚭ Spiralling through deeper layers of my healing journey, learning to embrace the void of a grief portal and allowing it to be a powerful feminine guiding force in the embodiment of inner power

This quest to reclaim my inner power and truly honour my soul has also meant facing some hard truths as to where I was not being honoured and valued by others, and how I was enabling this by self-abandoning and not speaking my truth.

Voicing my needs and expressing my true self felt like an incredibly scary thing to do. I found myself in the conundrum where being in my power and honouring my soul, could also mean breaking my own heart and facing some of my greatest fears of abandonment.

There is such deep conditioning from our patriarchal society that women should obey, self-sacrifice, keep the peace and be the nice girl.

If you look to the stories of women in the Bible:

⚭ Lilith was banished from the Garden of Eden as she would not obey or acquiesce; 

⚭ Eve was cursed to be subordinate to her husband for giving in to temptation; 

⚭ Mary Magdalene was labelled a whore; and 

⚭ Mother Mary a virgin.

These stories have been fed to us for thousands of years.

It’s no wonder women struggle to be in their feminine power and voice their needs. We’ve been conditioned to believe our needs are not worthy of being met and that there could be serious repercussions for doing so. There are very real fears of being abandoned, rejected, losing financial security and it can feel like a threat to survival.

This equally applies to our relationship with money. Women often struggle to be in their power with their finances and fail to set firm boundaries around their needs and requirements for money.  If you rely on the masculine (your partner or any aspects of the patriarchy such as a job or the government) for financial security,  you can end up handing your power away and self-abandoning.

As I was grieving the ending of a relationship – in the depths of the grief portal I accessed a thread of grief that ran much deeper than my current experience. I was grieving all the experiences in my current life and past lives where I was not valued and honoured and I had self-abandoned my needs in favour of others.

The thread continued even deeper – I accessed grief for all the women in my ancestral lineage that had not been valued and honoured. I felt grief for all the women who have ever felt unworthy of love, who have felt undervalued, dishonoured and self-abandoned their needs because it did not feel safe to express them. And I gained the innerstanding of the deep Truth that this has been the experience of the collective feminine. 

And at the same time, I felt a sense of joy and gratitude at the privilege of being able to be a cycle breaker in this lifetime, and to be on this journey of reclaiming my own inner power as a woman. As this is not a privilege that the many women who came before me had. Reclamation is our sacred duty.

In true Scorpio death and rebirth energy, feeling into the depths of your emotions is not something to be feared, as it is in this fire that true strength, courage and the inner power I speak of, is forged.

Every little moment of honouring and aligning to your soul, builds your inner power and sense of worthiness.

The reward for honouring your soul and being in alignment surpasses all fear, grief and pain.

Expressing your true self is always worth it.

It is this inner power and sense of worthiness that ignites aligned action and propels you forward into abundance on all levels.

I now have a clean slate from which to build some beautiful foundations with this fire of inner power, ready to rebirth anew. And by sharing the wisdom gained from this spiral of my journey, I hope to inspire you to also reclaim your inner power.

As the sacred feminine rises, all of humanity will rise.

Self Enquiry

⚭ Are you currently in power with your finances?

⚭ If you were to feel worthy of money, to be valued and honoured by money, what would that look like for you?

⚭ If you had a clean slate from which to build some foundations, what would you put in place?

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