Should I set up a company?

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Company vs Sole Trader

A question I get asked a lot is “when should I set up a company structure for my business?” When answering this question, I consider both the practical and spiritual aspects of money and business.  Most people will start out their business journey as a sole trader. It’s a relatively simple business structure to set up. You register for an … Read More

JobKeeper Extension: What you need to know

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*Updated 7 August 2020 The Government announced today that it is extending the JobKeeper payment until 28 March 2021. This is very welcome news! The good news is that sole traders are still included. The JobSeeker coronavirus supplement will also be extended until 31 December 2020. But … there’ll be some new rules. The extension is targeting support to businesses … Read More

Making sense of the COVID-19 Government Stimulus Packages

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I’ve been seeing a lot of confusion in the community and I’ve had many of you reach out with questions regarding what you might be entitled to in the Government stimulus packages. I wanted to help clear up some of the confusion.  I’ve segregated the Government stimulus packages available into various categories, to make it easier for you to make sense … Read More

Are You Financially Healthy?

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Your financial health represents one of the key pillars of health and wellness. When you have health in your finances, it’s infinitely easier to have health in your body.   Think about how much stress, worry and anxiety you have around money. You might worry about how you are going to pay your next mortgage payment or that ridiculously high electricity … Read More