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Heal.Thy Money provides accounting, tax, book-keeping and coaching services with a spiritual twist! We are coaches, mentors, accountants and money gurus.

We work with lightworkers, pilates and yoga instructors, studios, health and wellness businesses, coaches, therapists, healers and spiritual entrepreneurs of any kind.

Heal.Thy Money was started in 2018 by Angela Maree, a Chartered Accountant with over 20 years experience as well as a lightworker, spiritual entrepreneur and pilates instructor with a passion for the mind, body and soul.

At Heal.Thy Money we help lightworkers like you simplify and be more in control of your money to enable you to be of highest service to the world and create the financial abundance that you deserve.

As a lightworker and spiritual entrepreneur you are motivated to share your soul's purpose with the world and have a deep desire to help others by shining your light as brightly as you can.

But you may have blocks around money, subconsciously believing that money is dirty, that wealthy people aren't nice, that money doesn't buy you happiness or that you are not worthy of earning money for helping others. You might meet with resistance around charging what you are worth. Or you may not be comfortable with numbers, tax rules, deductions and reporting.

At Heal.Thy Money we are here to help you bust through these blocks! It is our vision to create a ripple effect of love and light by enabling you to be of highest service and serving many people. Let us help you to build a great business and get a handle on your business and personal finances.

Conscious Accounting Suite of Services


Get control of your business and personal finances so you can have a clear picture of what money you have coming in and going out, enabling you to make informed business decisions. We recommend Quickbooks and can help you with the initial set-up and training.

Tax Returns and BAS

Get your tax return and BAS statement done and dusted by a Chartered Accountant with first-hand industry knowledge. Find out what deductions you can and cannot claim.

Tax Advice

Receive personalised tax and accounting advice on areas such as the best business structure for you, contractor vs employee or superannuation for contractors, by a Chartered Accountant with first-hand industry knowledge.

Outsource your Money

Outsourcing your accounting, book-keeping and payroll will save your business time, money and unnecessary stress. This is our skillset, so we can accomplish a lot in a short space of time. Services are tailored to suit your requirements.

Virtual CFO

Most businesses could really use this level of strategic thinking, but can’t afford to have someone on their payroll (just yet). Use our expertise as needed for creating tools such as budgets, forecasts, projections and financial reports to assist you in decision-making about your financial present and future.

Money Mindset Coaching

Build a money mindset that sees money as an exchange in value and enables money to flow easily and abundantly to you by following our unique 12 Step Heal Thy Money Mindset Method


I'm Angela Maree

I'm the founder of Heal.Thy Money and a Chartered Accountant (20 years!), Lightworker, Money Mindset Coach, Pilates Instructor, Health and Nutrition Coach and lover of all things mind, body and soul.

I began my soulpreneurial journey five years ago, after saying goodbye to the corporate world and seeking out my soul's purpose. The journey has been a winding one full of twists and turns - but most important, self-discovery, growth, finding self-worth and self-love.

Creating a ripple effect of love and light by helping lightworkers like you to find your self-worth and self-love, enabling you to shine more brightly and be of highest service to the world, is what I live for.

I combine my skills, compassion, intuition and soul purpose to help you simplify your numbers, be more in control of your money and build a life and business that is wildly abundant. It is time for you to step into your worth to give and receive freely and abundantly.

"For many years I dreaded the “numbers” side of being a business owner, often putting what needed to be done in the category of fear and procrastination. After meeting Angela on a spiritual retreat, we connected and became friends. There was no hesitation in bringing Angela into my business and the differences in my attitude and the energy around money changed immediately. An amazing business woman and accountant. From easy to understand advice, to her knowledge around the current financial atmosphere, Angela has been amazing. The numbers side of my business definitely needed a feminine touch for me to feel comfortable and empowered around it. I highly recommend Angela, if you want to Heal Thy Money ... and have a mindset of Healthy Money! ♥️ Well done Angela. Thank you."

Mary Diamond, LIttle Creatures Play Space

Simplify the money side of your life

Contact us about accounting services specifically for light workers, pilates and yoga instructors and other spiritual entrepreneurs

  • Money mindset coaching utilising the unique 12 Step Heal Thy Money Mindset Method
  • Set-up on Quickbooks and staff training on how to use it
  • Ongoing book-keeping services including processing of invoices, bank reconciliations and payroll
  • Accounting services including production of financial statements, profit and loss statements, balance sheet and cash flow statements
  • Virtual CFO services encompassing budgets, forecasts and management reporting to aid in business analysis and decision-making
  • Taxation services including tax returns and BAS statements
  • Tax and accounting advice on areas such as business structure, contractor vs employee and super for contractors
  • Outsource your accounting, book-keeping, payroll and other financial tasks to an expert