FREE WEBINAR '11 Tax Hacks for Pilates and Yoga Instructors'

Do you worry about your tax not being under control?

Created specifically for Pilates and Yoga Instructors, this webinar is for you if you would like to get your most pressing tax questions answered, simplify the money side of things and take control of your finances.

Presented by Angela Maree, founder of Heal.Thy Money Co, a Chartered Accountant (20 years!), Pilates Instructor and Coach. 

In this webinar you'll learn:

  • What you can claim as a tax deduction
  • Tax deductions you might not be aware of that will save you a lot of tax!
  • Why you should be contributing superannuation and how to get free super from the Government
  • Superannuation for contractors
  • Contractor vs Employee contractual arrangements
  • How the ATO determines if you operate like a business or you are like an employee and the tax benefits to being considered a small business
  • How to take control of your finances and make tax time easier
  • Discover the benefits to registering for GST even if you don't need to
  • How you will pay tax now that you operate under an ABN
  • BONUSES for attending the webinar!

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Disclaimer: The information presented in the webinar is general in nature. You should seek tax advice for your individual circumstances.

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